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Difficulty, high precision, fine processing, quality assurance

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From precision to classic, more than 0.001mm distance

Seiko manufacturing

Provide products that exceed customer expectations, strive for excellence, and strive for excellence

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Precision mold4advantages

Quality first, service with heart, quality assurance, reputation first

Delivery and service control

The company uses system operation (RRP) software management, timing quotes, bar code tracking, clear division of labor, and the overall production process can be monitored. The process section can be tracked. Clearly fulfill customer needs.

High-precision processing equipment and supporting tools

Ultra-precision equipment such as Japan, Germany, Switzerland, etc., is connected with precision (EROWA) tools to complete each precision machining process.

Increase the service life

The company uses materials such as Datong in Japan, Hitachi in Japan, and a hundred wins in Switzerland. It adopts advanced vacuum treatment, secondary tempering, ultra-deep cooling and ultra-cold treatment.

Seiko manufacturing, high precision machining

After years of technical accumulation and breakthrough, ultra-mirror processing (Ra0.13) ultra-fine edge clearance (0.007mm) flatness (0.001mm), slot width (0.009mm) depth (2.0mm), etc., the processing environment is maintained at a constant temperature .

Company Profile

Provide systematic solutions for customer molds

Dongguan getwell Electronics Co., Ltd.-Mold Introduction

Dongguan Taiwei Electronics Co., Ltd. is located in Humen, Dongguan, a famous historical town. It was established in 1997. It focuses on the design, processing and production of precision earphone sockets, SIM card holders, TYPE-C, Micro USB and other connector products. produce. Plastic mold department introduction: In 2008, the high quality requirements of the earphone socket product ST0258 development, the company's mold design, processing, production level has reached a new level. In 2010, the company began to standardize plastic molds. In the same year, it established the standard of 10-hole shared mold base for earphone sockets. After years of continuous study and exploration, it has established earphone sockets...

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